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Council’s website is optimised to be accessible and accommodate a full range of users.

Accessible websites prioritise clear content, structure and ease of navigation without compromising design. We are committed to ensuring all users are able to view, use and interact with the latest web technologies whilst adhering to WCAG 2.0 AA criteria.

If you have any issues using this website, please get in touch with us.

Increase font size

To increase font size, use your keyboard and:

  • HOLD Command and '+' (for Apple macOS and iOS)
  • HOLD Control and '+' (for Windows)

Invert colour

This website's colour scheme has been selected for optimal readability whether you invert your screen colours or not.

Please note that if you use the "Smart Invert" feature introduced in iOS 11 for iPhones and iPads, this will not invert colours on images within this website. If you prefer to invert the colours on images as well, use "Classic Invert" instead.

Access documents

Much of this website is provided as standard web pages (HTML format) however we do link to various documents and publications in PDF format. To read and print PDF files, you will require a PDF reader such as Adobe Reader. Most modern computer operating systems include built-in support for PDF documents.

  • Note: If you are browsing this website using an Android device, we recommend using Google Chrome as your browser.

If you have difficulty reading a PDF-only publication, please contact us on freephone 0800 WBOPDC (0800 926 732) or 07 571 8008. Our Contact Centre will be happy to assist you.